Range Rover Sport – The most stolen car!

Data released by Tracker show that the new winner of the accolade of the most stolen vehicle in the UK is the Range Rover Sport. The released figures also show that 92% of those vehicles stolen and recovered by Tracker were stolen without using the owner’s keys.

That’s a rise of 26% in four years!

Top Ten Stolen Vehicles as published by Tracker

  1. Range Rover Sport

  2. BMW X5

  3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  4. Range Rover Vogue

  5. Land Rover Discovery

  6. BMW X6

  7. Range Rover Evoque

  8. BMW 3 Series

  9. Range Rover Autobiography

  10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Keyless entry vulnerabilities

It is believed that this is primarily due to thieves “hacking” vehicles with keyless entry functions. Whilst an extremely convenient system for you, allowing you to get into your vehicle and start it without having to get your keys out.

The problem here is, generally, the fob/key itself permanently transmits a signal to the car. Using a relay device, criminals can hijack this signal, open the car and drive away. Even when your fob/key remains inside the house!

Car security tips

To protect against keyless car theft, the Metropolitan Police advise using an electronic car key security pouch – also known as a faraday pouch.

The pouch blocks the keyless signal when the fob is inside it.

When storing your keys, keep them out of sight. It’s not unusual for thieves to fish for them through a letterbox.

Alarms and immobilisers are usually fitted as standard for new vehicles. You can also give your car a distinct mark that can be used to identify it.

Though they can’t stop signals being intercepted, tracker systems can increase the chances of your car being recovered and returned to you by the police.

Another great choice for protecting your vehicle is the Autowatch GHOST II. It utilises your vehicles own electronics system to prevent your vehicle from being driven away. They may gain access, but installing an Autowatch Ghost II will greatly increase your chances of waking up and your pride and joy still being there.

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