• Simon

Why Dashcams are becoming more and more essential?

In recent times it seems that there are more and more discourteous drivers on our roads and inadvertently we may all be guilty of thinking about our own journey and experience more than someone else’s at some point in our driving experience. What was once just the odd bit of hand waving and shouting has now gone a lot further and people are finding themselves exposed to all sorts of serious and potentially life threatening incidents.

Thanks to the installed DashCam in this Vauxhall Corsa whilst travelling down the M23, Joshua McKenzie, 36, was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, and disqualified from driving for a year for drivingly aggressively and threatening another motorist with a baseball bat. That’s right, threatening with a baseball bat whilst driving down this major motorway.

Without the Dashcam footage it would be a difficult story to believe, who would have ever imagined this behaviour could occur nearing the maximum speed limit on our motorways.

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