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Tesla Fuses


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Vehicle electrics and their fuses have grown more and more complex over the years.


It used to be a thing where vehicle owners were expected to understand how their vehicles worked, including how and when to use a pair of tights. Who knew that hosiery would have so many uses!


These days things inside our beloved vehicles, especially TESLA‘s, have become so much more complicated it is near impossible for us mere mortals to keep up.


But … with that said, there is still somethings that are the same and the fuse is one of those things. The shape has changed, but the humble fuse box is still more or less the same, it is just that its importance has increased.


Case Study

A TESLA owner contacted the service centre, as his trusted Model X would no longer engage drive The Model X was later towed away to see what the issue could be After several days and countless calls, a quote to repair the drive issue was prepared and issued.

Upon inspection, it was noticed that a blown fuse was the culprit for the issues with a crude wire repair attempted to act as the blown fuse.

With the fuse replaced, all was well and the owner’s Model X was trusted once more.


The Tesla owner was far happier having gotten change from their £1.00 (the fuse cost just 0.80p) instead of very little change from the estimation of nearly £7,000.00 for the repairs from a TESLA service centre.

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Check your fuses

The reality is this could have been all avoided had the owner checked their fuses before panicking that their pride and joy had just died.  So, to help the rest of us mere mortals we have put together this page to help you identify your fuses in your own Model S or Model X.

Identify Blown Fuse

Todays fuses are much easier to check, the days of a meter being the only way are long gone. Of course, sometimes a meter is still required, but for the most part, you will be fine with just your eyes.

Locate your fuses

The fuse boxes are in slightly different locations depending on your model, however the fuse boxes themselves look the same and the location markers carry across vehicles.


Fuse box locations on the Model S and the Model X

Engine Bay Fuse Box

You will find your principle power distribution systems emanating from here, core vehicle functions such as drive, braking and suspension.

Cabin Fuse Box

You will find your comfort and convenience fuses here, Power Windows, Sunroof, Lights, Radio and Seats.


TESLA Fuse Directory

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